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United States
I live in a world of Darkness. When I was 6 years old, my favorite uncle, who was like a father to me, was killed in the chest in front of me by the bull's horn. On Nov 8, 2008, my older brother, Frednando's friend, who was like a brother to me, was killed from a car crash. My whole life started to change. I started to cut myself when I was sad and turned me, emo. I started to snap when someone pissed me off or angery, that turned me, psycho. When I was in preschool to 3rd grade, nobody wanted to be my friend, that maded me a loner and a nobody. I thought to myself, "Why do I Exsited?" So I only had one thing in my minded, "I love only myself, and fight only myself. Anyone who gets in my way, I'll kill them. That will show my existence." I lived with pain, hate, depressed, and nothing in my heart. I solded my soul away, but my heart feels like it's being stabbed with a knife and wish it can just go away. I became a Demon. A Monster. Until, one day, when A person came up to me with no fear nor hatered to me, helped me to get out of the darkness. I started to have friends and I start to understand why I existed, "To protected everything that is important to me." I still have that pain,anger, hatered,despire and sorrow in my heart. I still am emo/psycho, but my friends help me to control it. I still live in darkness and I don't think no one can save me. I love them and my 4 siblings. My older brother showed me that he loves me and protects me from danger arounded me. My older sister protects me with all her heart and love. My little brother,and little sister cares about my feelings and safty. But, life is a nightmare to me still and I still have one question in my head that I can't even answer."WHAT IS LOVE?"Photobucket
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nagi no asukara photo tumblr_mumr7abIhf1r57f87o1_500_zps86743c9c.gif

Name: Yuki Jeagerjaques, Yiku Jeagerjaques, Grimmjow Jeagerjaques, Hichigo Shirosaki, Gaara, Marik, Senji, Tyki Mikk, Axel, Gajeel redfox, Laxus, Bacchus, Hiei, Kitty, GrimmKitty, or etc....(u can call me anything really i dont mind at all)

Age: 19 :iconpaffendorfplz:

Type: Bisexual, got a problem with that? :iconaskpantera:

Relationship: TAKEN~ BY MY ICHIGO~:icondw25:

Besties Friend and Awesome Rp Buddy: :iconxxwolfythehipsterxx:

TWIN: :iconask-espada-grimmjow:

Termui Twin: :iconterumi670:

Birthday: May 19:icongrimmjowyayplz:

Style: Emo/Pshycopixel hollow ichigo

Intrest: Yaoi, Yuri, Hentai, Anime, Creepy, Dark, Emo, Bloody, Gothic, and etc:iconmonkeyloveplz: photo ichigo_gif_by_bk201riin_d5sd4k4_by_palord-d5zuizl_zps4803f1a3.gif

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why not photo tumblr_mqckrrPUSy1r57f87o1_500_zps9eed0317.gif
Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi photo tumblr_mqcjibBvJT1r57f87o1_500_zps93eb97e2.gif
crazy photo tumblr_mqcatobgdR1r57f87o1_500_zps2ba260a1.gif
magic photo large_zpsbb63b3e7.gif
oh boy... photo tumblr_mv8xlhaOgn1sokegjo1_500_zps7d47b9e4.gif
I've been in huge stressed lately...
when i was gunna make an appoinment yesterday they said my permit expired and when i was reading the info they said to renew it i gotta take it again which i dont want to cause it was freaken hard and the stress got to me when studying. im waiting for the call so i can ask if i can take the driving test without the renew of the permit since i am older than 18 and this will be my second time taking it not first. but unfortantily they gave me the news that i had to so on aug 5 i gotta take my writing test again...*sobs*
mistakes photo tumblr_n8q024K6xE1rn98vpo1_r1_500_zpsf80d6e0e.gif
then also college which im so nervous since i will be starting on aug 25 and all my family are putting peer pressure on me which i know i gotta study when i get there and they are all making me more nervous
and then my mother who i feel due to the medications she has taken has caused her to be bipolar abit. one day she would be happy til the next she is selfish yelling angery and making me feel so bad of myself. im glad she is bk to work and her attitude changed abit from there but for the pass three months it had been hell and crying every night. 
lock yourself photo tumblr_n91t8ye5FB1s21mdyo1_500_zps631aaf79.gif
i may be happy talking with everyone and my lover helping me out through this situation but im just so thinking to much i couldnt sleep well, im not eating right, i feel like throwing up time to time. i feel so sick and dead inside im panicking and nervous break down time to time when im alone in my room. 
uta photo tumblr_n8v9yudX8q1r6q7tio2_500_zps596a3272.gif
im also been getting lots of negative things lately. i told some of my friends saying i want to be Loki for AX next yr from the dark world since i have his hair style when he was in prison and i do feel like dressing him since i love him and tom hiddleston. i loved loki not at this age but when i was young when i was first intruduced to comics. my uncle is and still is a mega dc/marvel/other comic geek collector and when i go and visit he lets me read his books and im also a whole geek girl tomboy when i was just young. im now a mega loki fan due to the avengers movie which tom did a wonderful job in it. but anyway after telling it to some of my friends, some say "ugh why him?" "that aint new" "wow just like every other fangirl" and laughing and giving me looks. And then they say In a dull tone "wow ur such a marvel fanatic. " or "all u ever talk about Is marvel". I would just wish to sew or shut my mouth. I do love marvel yes cause of Its wonderful stories and also I am a fanatic for It. I know I must be annoying so many ppl lately...I just wish I could be quiet anf never talk. Or maybe even mute..they would be abit better without me bragging so much of marvel or anime. Istood up for myself saying i want to because i want to but inside i do feel hurt and i tear so much. i feel just like him. being left out in alot of things. 
sobs photo tumblr_n6qi6gTxrh1s21mdyo1_500_zps87494d16.gif
also getting critizied at how i draw. i get like "why u draw the boobs too big" "why sexy?" "why do u have to have yaoi in it" "wow her boobs are huge." and laugh at my drawing. i just draw what i want to draw or when i get drawing commissions or request. I dont care of they turned out if i like them than im ok but still it kinda makes me feel horriable
ive been bobbling up all theses stress im losing it. i feel im gunna snap and never come back to reality. 
... photo tumblr_n0u7vdYPm31szj8x1o1_500_zpsc15db928.gif
im just in so much stress lately...*tears abit hugging my chibi avengers pillow* 
  • Mood: Defeated
  • Reading: Thorki Fanfictions
  • Watching: Rush (2013)
  • Drinking: only water..

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