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United States
I live in a world of Darkness. When I was 6 years old, my favorite uncle, who was like a father to me, was killed in the chest in front of me by the bull's horn. On Nov 8, 2008, my older brother, Frednando's friend, who was like a brother to me, was killed from a car crash. My whole life started to change. I started to cut myself when I was sad and turned me, emo. I started to snap when someone pissed me off or angery, that turned me, psycho. When I was in preschool to 3rd grade, nobody wanted to be my friend, that maded me a loner and a nobody. I thought to myself, "Why do I Exsited?" So I only had one thing in my minded, "I love only myself, and fight only myself. Anyone who gets in my way, I'll kill them. That will show my existence." I lived with pain, hate, depressed, and nothing in my heart. I solded my soul away, but my heart feels like it's being stabbed with a knife and wish it can just go away. I became a Demon. A Monster. Until, one day, when A person came up to me with no fear nor hatered to me, helped me to get out of the darkness. I started to have friends and I start to understand why I existed, "To protected everything that is important to me." I still have that pain,anger, hatered,despire and sorrow in my heart. I still am emo/psycho, but my friends help me to control it. I still live in darkness and I don't think no one can save me. I love them and my 4 siblings. My older brother showed me that he loves me and protects me from danger arounded me. My older sister protects me with all her heart and love. My little brother,and little sister cares about my feelings and safty. But, life is a nightmare to me still and I still have one question in my head that I can't even answer."WHAT IS LOVE?"Photobucket
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nagi no asukara photo tumblr_mumr7abIhf1r57f87o1_500_zps86743c9c.gif

Name: Yuki Jeagerjaques, Yiku Jeagerjaques, Grimmjow Jeagerjaques, Hichigo Shirosaki, Gaara, Marik, Senji, Tyki Mikk, Axel, Gajeel redfox, Laxus, Bacchus, Hiei, Kitty, GrimmKitty, or etc....(u can call me anything really i dont mind at all)

Age: 19 :iconpaffendorfplz:

Type: Bisexual, got a problem with that? :iconaskpantera:

Relationship: TAKEN~ BY MY ICHIGO~:icondw25:

Besties Friend and Awesome Rp Buddy: :iconxxwolfythehipsterxx:

TWIN: :iconask-espada-grimmjow:

Termui Twin: :iconterumi670:

Marvel Yaoi Rp Friend: :iconmudslovesstu:

Birthday: May 19:icongrimmjowyayplz:

Style: Emo/Pshycopixel hollow ichigo

Intrest: Yaoi, Yuri, Hentai, Anime, Creepy, Dark, Emo, Bloody, Gothic, and etc:iconmonkeyloveplz: photo ichigo_gif_by_bk201riin_d5sd4k4_by_palord-d5zuizl_zps4803f1a3.gif

:iconletter-bplz::iconletter-eplz::iconletter-splz::iconletter-tplz: :iconletter-fplz::iconletter-rplz::iconletter-iplz::iconletter-eplz::iconletter-nplz::iconletter-dplz::iconletter-splz:guns photo tumblr_mpo4mespQb1r8hmsso2_500_zps115a84a7.gif

:iconletter-aplz::iconletter-rplz::iconletter-tplz::iconletter-iplz::iconletter-splz::iconletter-tplz::iconletter-splz:accelerator 2 photo tumblr_mq8u8mpAcD1qa2atko2_500_zpsbc030aee.gif

why not photo tumblr_mqckrrPUSy1r57f87o1_500_zps9eed0317.gif
Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi photo tumblr_mqcjibBvJT1r57f87o1_500_zps93eb97e2.gif
crazy photo tumblr_mqcatobgdR1r57f87o1_500_zps2ba260a1.gif
magic photo large_zpsbb63b3e7.gif
illumi photo tumblr_n9u4n0jg4R1shcpmyo2_500_zps327b95c2.gif
Well I had a one month Winter Break and I gotta say, it was the most up and down moments in my life for the first time in my one month winter break. 

drink hisoka photo tumblr_ndga1v9goy1qflb4co1_500_zpsgumvlvjs.gif
Well, where should I start. The fun and best part about my break was I got to spend much time with my family and godparents(which Christmas was my godfather's bday) as well as my mother who i sometimes never have good communication with each other due to her work which stressed her alot. I also got to hang out with my friends who live in the area where I live and don't go to the same college as I do. Also got to see the last Hobbit movie (im still having the feels!!!!!) and also watched over movies in my spare time. Caught up with all my animes I haven't watched as well some video games I never finished and Netflix movies/shows I started to watch as well. It seemed great for my winter break. Though there was the other downside.

illumi photo tumblr_n63j7txOB81szfdb3o2_500_zpsl6onj0zs.gif
For Christmas, I have forgotten to post up that for Christmas, I got nothing due to the money problems which I completely understand and it didn't really bother but just abit. I spended all my money on others gifts and I recived nothing at all. New Years day was abit ok. Though I felt like a doll really, with no emotion  or awhile. I dont know its been really happening to me lately. Though, yet again, for the Three King's Day, i again recived nothing once again due to money problems for the rent, which i understand and did not speak about it to the others on that day.

sick photo tumblr_nhsucmm9d41qdxfpco1_500_zpsi4c1vrqw.gif
Also for a week and half I had been sick with this terrible flu. I started out with a runny nose with a sore throat, i couldn't even speak at that time. Then after that I started to get a high fever and dizziness, i didn't get off of the bed at all. Then my whole body was sore and weak as the flu was getting to me pretty bad. After i regain abit of my strength, I just started to draw abit and only drank tea and soup. But the others days, i would started to throw up and found feel weak again with my stomach in pain.  I am feeling much better though my throat is still abit sore, i can talk but can not talk that loudly abit. But i am getting much better.

illumi hair photo tumblr_ncfohyZG771r8spefo1_500_zpslscwrc5i.gif
I would also like to inform you all that recently now, i have not been myself for abit. My family has been telling me that i look serious and no emotions had occur to me during the time after my sickness. I am not being serious but with no emotions yes. My hair has been growing much longer in loki's hair style, since i will be cosplaying him in Comic-Con in the summer. Though people say I look like a lifeless doll now for awhile. Can't blame them, i do not know why i feel this way. I do feel like Illumi of course. I would laugh and smile for awhile, but deep inside i feel broken for awhile.

illumi 2 photo tumblr_n63j7txOB81szfdb3o1_500_zpspeila5wh.gif
Recently i havent been eating that much and been going this what everyone is keep telling diet, which i really dont want to, i just dont feel like it. i've only been eating cereal or a poptart or fruits in the morning and just having dinner. Ive not been drinking any soda, which is good, and only been drinking tea and lemonade and water. Sounds good right? that's not really the problem. ive been lately eating less and lesser by some time from my sickness and had lost 4 pounds at the moment. 

illumi strike photo tumblr_na7pz2bMPt1qf2huro1_500_zpskbl3eakr.gif
Overall, I've been having annoying moods which i, of course, get easily pissed off and snap when i hear or am being annoyed or mad. Due to family situation and problems plus everything that has been going on recently has been breaking me down slowly and carefully on the inside to my inner self. People criticizing me, who talk about something they do not understand the truth about, people who pressure me, people who want me to hurry up things i cannot finish at once, people who can't see that i am busy or not well, people who walk over me or look down on me seeing i am weak, people who hurt the others i love, people who are in my way, people who are plain stupid, people who think they are better than others, people who have no respect at all, people who talk trash about me behind my back or others, people who judge me by looks than knowing the real me, people who give no crap to others, peple who are selfish, people who think they know everything, people who annoy the shit out of me...I HAD ENOUGH OF THOSE KINDS.

 photo tumblr_n9un0qDMAI1sb30y2o1_500_zpsswa1rmav.gif
Those types make me snap to the point i dare not wish to come back from as once some witnessed what i am capable of doing. Some of my family members say my dream major of being an animator is not a real career and want me to to become a nurse or doctor or lawyer who makes the big bucks. They say about my other cousins who are studying photography and discovering fossils are not true majors. They say we should go for the ones with big bucks not the ones we really want to do what we love. Then others criticized me in my drawings, it actually made me want to snap my pencil in half but i ended up pulling the bracelet in my right arm tight, i cut almost my blood pulse. Other people also saying of me and my bf can never been a well good relationship with long distance relationship, but he is trying so hard to earn enough money so one day we can finally meet each other in person and be together. you know what i say....FUCKEN HELL I GIVE A SHIT ABOUT YOUR OPINIONS AS IF YOU UNDERSTAND ME PERSONALLY! A MAJOR IS WHAT THE PERSON WANTS TO BECOME AS A DREAM GOAL AND NOT FOR OTHERS. I AM SICK AND TIRED OF HEARING THOSE COMPLAINS SAYING THAT OUR MAJORS CANT MAKE THEM HAPPY, WHICH I DONT FUCKEN CARE. IF WE WANT TO ACHIEVE THAT GOAL, WE SHALL AND DONT CARE WHAT OTHERS THINK. I GIVE NO DAMN REASONS PEOPLE TELLING ME ABOUT CRITICIZING ME AND MY DRAWINGS OR RELATIONSHIPS. I DISLIKE THAT KINDS WHICH IT IS TO THE POINT I FEEL LIKE CLAWING OUT SOMEONE'S EYES OUT WITH MY BARE HANDS AND SHARPE LONG NAILS. PEOPLE KNOW NOTHING ABOUT WHAT OTHERS FEEL OR WANT. IT MAKES ME SICK TO THE BONES HOW WE ARE LIVING WITH BAD PEOPLE WHO WANTS TO BRING PEOPLE DOWN. IT MAKES ME WANT TO SLASH THEIR ARMS OFF AND BEAT THEM WITH IT.*having a pissed off aura around me*

hisoka and illumi chat photo tumblr_n98sgonnkV1qltzexo1_500_zpslujefkwq.gif
*sighs and calms down abit* Ah, Forgive me of my outburst but i just had to get it out of my system. Anyways, recently i had feelings of something time to time, eating habits not going well, stress/anger in my chest, and plainly try tend to become like a doll time to time with smile and then no emotion later on. I am quite alright though forgive of my rude aggression that dwell up inside of me. I also have some important announcements to address to all my Watches and New ones who with to Watch me.(sounds like stalking) So due please pay attention for what i will be saying.

oh! photo tumblr_n63j7txOB81szfdb3o4_500_zpsgext6ifc.gif
To all requesters, I will repeat myself once more to make myself clear that the request box is close for I am quite busy with college and other thinks as well. You must please wait until it is open once more and also I will not get all request drawings since you all give me such long request and pressure me to finish it quickly, which i am not quite pleased by it at all. You must understand i am a being as well who is very busy with crisis that is occurring to me at my home and school. To Everyone, I shall be opening a Commission soon but be patience as I must see when I am free on my new schedules in college and when I am able to be drawing them. Due keep in mind, Commissions will be open soon, So keep a look out for it. To Everyone, I am only available for Art Trades as well as Gifts but do not think it's a ticket to chance. I am now going to be looking very carefully at the details of Art Trades to see if this is what I want to do or not. it is a 50/50 chance a Art Trade will be accepted, so be careful with it. I have already accepted one Art Trade , which I was satisfied with. Gifts will be given to the people who i know very well and see them as a special person in my life to receive a gift. Only on Birthdays or Fanart Tributies to a Artist, Friends, Special People, or etc. 

oops photo tumblr_n9v7j0KSws1qii6huo1_500_zpskn8p9uvu.gif
Dear me, I did not wish to be rude but it is quite for all to understand about what is going on now and all. I do hope am I not a bother to you all. I still love you all very much, believe me, i do, but its just the stress has been getting to me. I will be of course replaying the RPS, comments, and messages as well as Notes as I possible can through my phone or tablet. I will try to get better, hopefully but i do wish i would know whats really happening to me.*looks down abit to the side and sighs and shakes it off* its ok, i'll try to be  ine AnywaysI do want to thank all my friends and lovely watcher and my sweetheart Bf who are always cheering me up all the time when I talk with you guys,i am really honored and happy to make lovely friends such as you guess. I seriously and deep down inside love you all. :heart:

hisoka and illumi photo tumblr_n9wij7HtjJ1rvdkqpo1_500_zpsgnfxelsb.gif
As of now, I shall be returning to College now, Tomorrow in my new class, new professor and new classmates. Hopefully everything turns out alright and nothing happens during this new Year and semester. Due wish me luck. I really hope you all can understand what I am going through right now and hopefully you do not think bad about me. Now if you excuse me, I got a cousin with me here who i must beat him at a video game to get all my games he stole from me back from him *glaring at my cousin, James, who is smirking at me like Hisoka* I Love You All, Never Forget About That and Hopefully I Will Get Better. Love You All :heart::heart::heart:
  • Reading: Illumi x Hisoka Fanfics
  • Playing: Assassin's Creed Unity and other games
  • Eating: Nothing
  • Drinking: Water

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